12 févr. 2015

The climb of Petit Piton by Rebecca

The climb of "Petit Piton".

After sailing across the Atlantic we landed in St Lucia, a beautiful island with wonderful landscapes and colorful reefs. One of St Lucia's biggest attractions are the Pitons. The Pitons are two mountains located on the leeward side of the island.

Many tourists go and hike "Gros Piton" the largest of the two mountains. "Gros Piton" is a national park.The hike is about five hours and goes up very slowly while going around the mountain. We anchored just in between the Pitons. It was a beautiful anchorage with wonderful snorkelling spots but a lot of wind and surge at night...

Like I said snorkelling was great. The water was clear and there was a lot of fish. We even saw lobsters!  

After admiring the view of these wonderful mountains we finally decided we wanted to go and hike one of them. So we booked a trip to go hiking with a local boat boy. We though we would go hike Gros Piton the next morning but we were up for a surprise. We prepared for the hike. The local boat boy picked us up and brought us to Petit Piton. That was the Piton we were going to climb. Let's say Petit Piton is a little bit steeper than Gros Piton! Here is a picture of Petit Piton...

So after a little bit of confusion deciding to climb it or not we went for it. We went up the mountain. Turns out it wasn't a hike .... It was a climb! These are the trails.

They look easy on the pictures but they were much tougher in reality!

So we got to the top and took a few pictures of the view...

When the day was over we were all tired but proud of what we had just accomplished. So we took a swim in the sea before the sun went down...

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