12 févr. 2014

The Bahamian fish by Rebecca

Since we arrived in the Bahamas we've seen a lot of fish. We've been snorkelling and fishing behind the boat. There are lots of fish in the Bahamas, some hide in reefs and some are in the wide open ocean. In the ocean near the Bahamas you can get Marlin, Tuna, Barracuda, Tarpon, Dorado or dolphin-fish, Swordfish and Wahoo which is the fastest fish of the ocean! On the reefs you can find Snappers, Schoolmasters, Margates, Glasseye snappers, Angelfish, Grunts, Porcupinefish, Blue tangs, Jacks, Groupers, Trunkfish, Queen Triggerfish, Squirrelfish and many more!

Those are Blue tangs.

 Can you see those Horseye jacks? They look small on this picture but they were so big!

We have seen a lot of Lionfish. The Lionfish is an venomous fish invading the Bahamian waters. Their invasion is a great concern to the Bahamas Departement of Marine Ressources. They have discovered that in five weeks, Lionfish can kill 80 percent of the population of fish on a reef! The Lionfish sting can be as painful as a stingray's or not painful at all depending on what you wear.

This is a Lionfish.

Some fish in the Bahamas have ciguatera, a disease that humans can catch if they eat a fish that is affected by it. All around the Bahamas you can see all kinds of sharks.There are bull sharks, nurse sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, reef sharks, well all kinds of sharks! We even had the chance of seeing a twelve feet great hammerhead shark! The other day, we were on the beach preparing conch and a reef shark came to us in 1 foot of water. We could see his dorsal fin and his tail coming out of the water, quite an experience!

 Here is the is the picture we took with our underwater camera.

We have also seen a lot of stingray's.
This one is a spotted eagle ray.

Recently we've also catched a " little tunny " a fish in the mackerel's family. While we where pulling it back to the boat, a shark almost ate it....it was a close one! I can't wait to eat it!

We hope to catch more fish next time we go to sea!!!

See you soon everybody!
( when it will be hot in Quebec )


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